Stress Reduction for Mindful Parenting














Learning mindfulness can be one of the best things you can do for your family. This three week introductory course will give you some skills to be more mindful, aware, and conscious about your choices as a parent.   If you incorporate the skills you learn, your family will be on the road to happiness.  


 Parents sometimes have hectic schedules.  This workshop can be in person or a teleconference class so you won't have to leave your house/office.   You're busy and this should help.  It's one hour out of your week for just three weeks at a time.  Drop the kids off at school or call in during their nap and join us onTBD. Cost is only $50 per week for three weeks of classes. Contact Stacey at 610-608-2960 for more information.


***** This teleconference will be recorded if you can't attend all of the classes*****

“Stacey and Pam’s Stress Reduction for Mindful Parenting teleconference has taught me ways to reduce the impact of stress in my daily life.  I am more aware of my feelings, my children’s feelings and how to respond to my children in a more positive way!”

Joie - testimonial for Stress Reduction for Mindful Parenting Teleconference

“It was wonderful to practice breathing techniques and grounding.  I felt much more relaxed during the session.  I will use these techniques immediately in our home life. "


Adam B. - Computer Specialist- testimonial for in person workshop