Summer Special: August 1st online class $25.00! 


Want to have a fun time with friends or colleagues?  Coordinate a SoulCollage(R) class for 8-10 people and Stacey will lead you in this class.  SoulCollage® is a tool in which you can express your inner thoughts and unconscious mind through collage art. Working in the language of symbols, dreams, and archetypes, you may gain self-awareness by intuitively picking out pictures from magazines and placing them on the card how they feel right to you! Themes for the class can be given as well. Cards can be made for all types of things such as self-care, friendship, team work etc. The theme can be tailored to your needs. The card may give you its meaning in your life at some point during class or at home. Toward the end of the class, we will witness each other’s work in a safe environment; if you would like to participate. Half of the fun is sharing with others! People who enjoy art, using intuition, collages, and scrapbooking enjoy this type of class. No artistic ability is necessary. All supplies will be provided during in person classes. Cost $50 in person, $35.00 online.  Pay for either below by clicking on the buy now button. 

August 1st online class $25.00 summer special! 


What people have to say about SoulCollage(R)....

I am the one who can get through anything life hands me!

"Stacey shows great skill and sensitivity in introducing newcomers to SoulCollage(R) so that they end up feeling at ease and rewarded by the experience of making their SoulCollages(R)."

Martha Bush, LMFT, JD

"I found Stacey's calm approach to creating cards to be extremely helpful.  Her presence encourages peple to stay grounded and non-judgemental which deepened the process and allowed me to really gain valuable insight into this work!  I would highly recommend her group and this great mode of creative self-expression!"

Kelly Peters, MA