The approaches I use are:

(everyone is unique so which we will use depends on you) 


• Energy  techniques

Using energy techniques helps me to educate you on how to calm your energy system and resolve or unblock energy patterns around  old fears, sadness, confusion and negative beliefs so you can move forward in obtaining your goals. 


Law of Attraction

Law of attraction is a universal law that like attracts like.   So, if you are thinking negativately or vibrating at a low vibration you will attract negative things into your life. 


•  Co-Creating

Once you have identified your goals, I will help you co-create your goals. 


Cognitive Behavorial Techniques

By changing our thoughts we can then change our emotions, behaviors and attract what we want into our lives.


• Emotional Freedom Technique- Tapping

EFT is one modality from energy psychology which utilizes the meridian points in the body to quickly release blocks, limiting beliefs, triggers, trauma, fears and physical pain.  EFT is similar to acupuncture in that it works on the meridians.  During a session you will tap gently on your accupressure point while thinking about the situation you want to release.  This technique helps the amygdala to calm down.  The amygdala is the part of the brain that modulates the flight or fight response. 

Download a copy of Tapping Sheet


• Chakra Balancing - 

There are 7 main energy centers in our body.  When they are not balanced or running smoothly problems can develop physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  By learning how to balance them you can have a great affect on your health and wellness. 


• Intuition Development - Your Innner Knowing

By developing your inner knowing or intuition you can make decisions more easily and with confidence.


 • Mindfulness Techniques - Inner Awareness

Mindfulness techniques help you to slow down and become for conscious in your decisions and thoughts. Becoming more mindful we can make better decisions to enhance our self and our families.


• Accessing the Subconscious Mind-  

Many times the subconscious mind is holding us back and we aren't aware.   


• Grounding/Centering-

Centering and grounding is very helpful to gain self confidence.


• Visualizations-

They help us gain insight and shift negative patterns. 


• Relaxation Techniques- 

---All of the techniques can be utilized between sessions so you can manage your stress more easily----


Soul Collage(R)- 

Soul Collage is a creative art journal in which  you access your internal world spontaneously or directly for clearer insights.   It is a creative means to shifting energy and gaining awareness. 


The combination of utilizing these techniques and modalities allows people to move quickly and efficiently toward your goal

Balancing your Energy creates feelings of peace and harmony inside!