Stacey B. Shapiro, MLC, MSW, HWP

My goal is to ease your mind about picking me as your Coach!  I have assisted many people on their life journey.  I see young adults 17-25 and adults for Coaching to acheive their highest potentional which includes a broad spectrum of reasons. My lifes work includes helping others realize the power they have to create the life they want.   Click here for the reasons people have come to coaching in the past and had success.


I started my career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (therapist for children, families and adults). Because counseling is not necessary for everyone, sometimes we are just stuck, I went back to school for Coaching to become a Coach.   I graduated from Behavioral Health and Leadership Dynamics (BHLD) and became a  Master Life Coach, Health and Wellness Practitioner, Spritual Mentor and Relationship Consultant.  I specialize in making life transitions more peaceful and creating balance. Coaching is very effective in obtaining goals quickly. 


During Coaching sessions, I use the vibrational matching model I learned at BHLD Coaching school.   This model has amazing results for my clients!  If your interested in the other modalities I use please click here


The hardest part is becoming aware of our thoughts in the moment.  This is where I I come in to help you access your subconscious mind.  The reason we remain stuck is because we are unaware of where to go next or our subconscious thoughts keep us stuck.   It is my passion to help others to gain awareness and the skills they need to obtain their goals quickly.  When you are feeling stuck and confused in reaching your goals it is time to start Coaching! 


My philosophy….


•   I collaborate with you in deciding what you want to work on and how in your

    Coaching sessions.

•  Teach you the skills you need to create the changes in your life you want. 

•   I combine my skills as a Master Life Coach, Energist, Clinical Social Worker,        Reiki Master, adjunct Professor, Relationship Consultant, Health and 

    Wellness Practitioner to assist you during your Coaching sessions!  

•  I am supportive of your goals. 

•  I attend ongoing education so we are both current.


If you would like to learn more about my work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor please visit


I am here when you are ready!  How can I help you?


You and your family can be happy again.

"I am so thankful that I found Stacey! I am a proud parent of an 17 year old who struggles with anxiety in social situations. Stacey's coaching techniques have made a positive difference in our lives. Stacey provides a calming and comforting environment.  She makes you feel safe.  She is friendly, understanding and compassionate.   Immediately my daughter and I were drawn to her.  With Stacey's coaching and grounding techniques she has helped my daughter establish a foundation to be a positive individual filled with self confidence. We are very grateful."


Deborah W, Proud Parent

"I wasn't sure that coaching was for me but I decided to give it a go. I was quickly convinced that I made the right choice. Stacey created an unbelievably comfortable and safe environment where I could challenge myself to reconsider my views, desires, and intentions. Stacey was patient, understanding, and involved throughout our coaching sessions and made me feel like I could accomplish anything. After working with Stacey, my overall outlook on things has become more positive. I'm grateful for the experience and think that she is a wonderful guide."

Felicia K. -Social Worker