Demystifying The Behaviors of Children Who Were Adopted

Welcome! Life isn't going how you imagined it would?  Your adopted child is acting out and your are not sure why?   Adoptive Parent Coaching is a passion of mine.    I have tons of adoption experience personally and professionally .   Transitioning to an adoptive family is beautiful and difficult sometimes.     

Children who were adopted get a bad wrap a lot of the time.  I've seen teenagers who are adopted through the venues of working as their counselor or case manager. Many teens were being labeled, institutionalized, cutting themselves, suicidal etc.  Many times because of attachment and bonding issues, genetics or traumatic stress. So, my passion is to help parents who adopted their children during the early stages of the adoption process to change the course for children who are adopted.  I want to help you gain tools to meet your adopted child's needs.  Hopefully, preventing the turmoil in teenage years.  Let me assist you to demystify what is going on with their behaviors and how you can help them be successful in managing their adoption story and life. Whether you have a baby, toddler or a child under 10, we can do this through virtual coaching so you can be anywhere and receive my services.  The online platform we will use is zoom.   See the adoption page.

Stacey B. Shapiro, MSW, MLC, HWP

Master Social Work,

Master Life Coach and

Health and Wellness Practitioner in Washington Crossing or Virtually 

"This coaching experience has been the best thing I could have done for myself.  Stacey has helped me become self aware and a lot more confident.   With her help, dealing with my teenage years has been easier. Stacey made me feel safe and comfortable.  When I first met her I felt an instant connection and I knew she really cares about her patients.  Stacey has opened my eyes and has taught me to not be so scared of life."

Kelsey W, 17 year old 

"Stacey turned my world right-side up! Her empathetic, knowledgeable and intuitive skills helped me to not only face personal issues but to overcome barriers, focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses, turn negatives into positives and to open my mind to new and exciting things. Thanks to Stacey, I was able to get out of my own way so that my life is shifting in the right direction. I have a renewed sense of purpose and zest for life!"

Natalie S.

Coaching helps gain inner awareness and skills
for living life to your fullest potential.